Replace the battery cover.4.
! NOTE: When the “bAT symbol is present on the
remote control it is recommended to replace the
batteries promptly, to maintain full functionality of the
remote/Log Grate. The remote control has a battery
backup time of only several hours.
Battery must be recycled or disposed of properly.
Check with your Local Authority or Retailer for
recycling advice in your area.
Remote Control Initialization/Reprogramming
Plug cord into 120 Volt wall outlet.1.
(ON) position.
3. Remote
position (front position).
Press and hold the Initialization Button on the unit 4.
Heat On/Off button on the remote control.
Release the Initialization Button on the unit.6.
7. to turn the
Frequency Interference
If the Log Grate does not respond properly to the remote
control, the remote operating frequency may have to be
reset. The remote control can send another frequency code
to the remote control receiver to eliminate interference.
Simultaneously press the “1. Temperature Down” button
and the “Flame Speed Down” button on the remote
2. COD” will appear in place of the sleep timer digits.
Release the “3. Temperature Down” button and the
Flame Speed Down” button.
5. button on the
Your remote will now have a different frequency
communicating with the Log Grate.
Figure 1
The manual controls for the Log Grate are located in the
A. On/Off Switch
Supplies power to the 2-Position Switch.
b. 2-Position Switch
The 2-Position Switch toggles the unit between Manual
Operation and Remote Operation.
Remote (Front Position): • The unit is operated with the
remote control.
Manual (back Position):• The unit operates with the
is in the Manual position the heater does not run.
! NOTE: When the manual control switch is in the Manual
position, the Log Grate unit will not operate with the
remote control.
C. Initialization button
Used to synchronize the supplied remote control with the
Log Grate.
Resetting the Temperature Cutoff Switch
Should the heater overheat, an automatic cutout will turn
the heater off and it will not come back on without being
reset. It can be reset by switching the On/Off Switch to Off
and waiting 5 minutes before switching the unit back on.
CAUTION: If you need to continuously reset the heater,
unplug the unit and call Dimplex North America Limited at
Remote Control
The remote control has a range of approximately 50 feet
(15.25 m), it does not have to be pointed at the Log Grate
and can pass through most obstacles (including walls). It
is supplied with 243 independent frequencies to prevent
interference with other units.
battery Installation
Depress tab on the battery cover on the back of the
remote control and remove battery cover.
Install two (2) AAA batteries into the remote control 2.
Figure 2
Child Lock Tab
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