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 WARNING: Disconnect power before attempting any
electric shock or damage to persons.
during the assembly operation. During shipment,
may collect dust particles; these can be removed by
dusting lightly with a clean dry cloth.
lint free cloth to prevent water spots. To prevent scratching,
do not use abrasive cleaners.
Fireplace Surface Cleaning
Use only a damp cloth to clean painted surfaces of the
Except for installation and cleaning described in this
manual, an authorized service representative should
perform any other servicing.
Figure 2
 
changing to show: “H” (high), and “L” (low).
H. Sleep Timer
The Sleep Timer can be set to automatically shut off the
repeatedly, until the desired time is displayed.
 The On Screen Display will display the different times as
it is adjusted. Once the timer has begun, pressing the
button will display the time remaining before the unit
turns Off.
! NOTE: The Sleep Timer can be cancelled at any time
by pressing the button repeatedly until the sleep timer
displays nothing.
Resetting the Temperature Cutoff Switch
Should the heater overheat, an automatic cut out will turn
the heater off and it will not come back on without being
reset. It can be reset by unplugging the unit and waiting 5
minutes before plugging the unit back in.
CAUTION: If you need to continuously reset the heater,
unplug the unit and call technical support at 1-888-346-
Remote Control Battery Replacement
To replace the battery:
1. Slide battery cover open on the remote control. Cor-
rectly install one 3 Volt (CR2032 [longer life] or CR2025)
battery in the battery holder.
2. Close the battery cover.
Battery must be recycled or disposed of properly.
Check with your Local Authority or Retailer for recy-
cling advice in your area
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