! NOTE: The unit can be operated in Heat Only Mode.
When the unit is only running with the heater, the (low
heat) or the (high heat) icon and the intake temperature
will continuously be displayed on the On Screen Display.
! NOTE: The heater may emit a slight, harmless odor
by initial heating of internal heater parts and will not occur
D & E. Thermostat Controls
Adjusts the temperature set point to your individual require-
ments. Once the desired set temperature is reached the
heater will turn off. The heater will cycle on and off to main-
tain the desired set temperature. The default temperature
 to decrease the set
point and the to increase the set point on the re-
 The On Screen Display will indicate the temperature set
point as it is adjusted.
! NOTE: Holding the button down, then press on
Disable Heat
If desired, depending on the season, the heater on the unit
can be disabled. The unit will operate in the same fashion,
with remainder of the controls.
Pressing the and buttons on the unit at the same
time and holding for 2 seconds will disable and enable the
! NOTE: When the heater has been disabled and either
the or the is pressed the On Screen Display will
indicate “--”.
F. Color Themes
Different presets of ambient lighting color combinations
contained in the unit.
ton on the remote or the unit.
 Cycles through the different preset ambient lighting set-
tings of the unit, this includes different combinations of
(if applicable).
! NOTE: The last theme of the cycle is a prism where the
unit cycles through a variety of colors. Pressing the
button stops the cycling and holds the unit on the preferred
color, indicated by a solid circle. When the unit is on prism,
and is cycling through the colors, a rotating circle will be
G. Brightness
Changes the brightness of the lights in the unit.
ton on the remote.
Figure 1
The unit can be controlled by either the manual controls
! NOTE: To operate correctly, the remote control must be
! NOTE: Before attempting any operation with the remote,
pull the plastic insulator strip out from between the remote
casing and battery cover.
A. Standby
Turns the unit On and Off.
or the unit.
 The unit will turn on with the same functions that it was
set to when it was turned Off and the intake temperature
will be indicated on the On Screen Display.
! NOTE:
! NOTE: When any button is pressed the intake tem-
perature will be displayed on the On Screen Display for 5
B. Flame Effects
 button on the remote.
C. Heat ON/OFF
Cycles the unit sequentially through the 3 settings: Low
Heat, High Heat and Off.
 button on the unit or the
 Indicated by the (low heat) or the (high heat) icon
and the intake temperature being displayed on the On
Screen Display, for 5 seconds before turning off.
! NOTE: After the heater is switched off, there is a 60
second fan delay, where the fan will continue running be-
fore turning off.
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