ADAM Connected Web Console (For Customer)
Remove - Remove APP.
NOTE: Pre-installed APPs can be hidden, but cannot be removed.
Kiosk - Set the APP to Kiosk mode. Kiosk mode allows a single APP
to have full control over the system, users cannot leave the current
application or run other applications.
Restore - Restore Kiosk APP setting and remove Kiosk mode.
Launch - Launch an APP on the device.
Change the settings of the device.
Volume - Adjust device volume.
Browser ACL - Limit pages that default browser can browse.
NOTE: This feature complies with the rules of Widget Access Request
policy. Please refer to the document here for more information:
Send conguration - Send a conguration le (conguration.data) to
the device.
NOTE: The conguration.data le is created by using the Export
conguration feature in the ADAM client app.
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