ADAM Connected Web Console (For Customer)
Delete devices in this group. Tick the devices you want to delete, then
click SUBMIT to complete.
WARNING! A device will no longer be under administration once it is
deleted, and must be entered as a new device again.
Activate devices in this group. A device must be activated to perform
assigned operations. Devices that are not activated will not show its
status or allow remote control. Tick the devices you want to activate,
then click SUBMIT to complete.
• Adeviceinanactivatedstatewillhaveawhitebackground.
• Activationrequiresaninternetconnection,andtherespondtimewill
depend on the device connection speed.
• Therewillbeafewsecondsofdelaybeforetheactivationisexecuted.
Refresh the page again later to get the proper activation state.
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