Installation work and electrical wiring must be done by qualified person(s) in
accordance with all applicable codes and standards, including fire rated
construction. When cutting or drilling into a wall or ceiling, do not damage
electrical wiring and other hidden utilities.
WARNING: The included mounting parts are intended to be used with drywall
anchors only. Do not attempt to mount this unit on the wall or ceiling without
proper drywall anchors.
Use the following information as a guideline only. It is the user's responsibility to
be sure the location and the wall surface can handle the weight of this fan (12.7
The wall fan must be mounted on 12 inch (300mm) thick dry and cement
firm wall or on 4 by 5 inch wood studs / joists. Use wall bracket as a template for
locating the holes to be drilled.
After determining the hole locations, use an appropriate sized drill bit and, drill
holes through mounting surface. It is recommended that a minimum of grade 5
fasteners be used. The following are acceptable surfaces for mounting wall
mount assembly.
When mounting to a steel surface, such as vertical Ibeam, drill
through holes at premarked locations, using a 9/32" drill bit. Attach wall mount
assembly to mounting surface using 1/4"20 hex screw, in combination with
1/4" flat washers, 1/4" lock washers, and 1/4"20 hex nuts.
When mounting to a masonry surface use a 1/4"
expansion type bolt or 1/4" masonry lag with shield designed to handle the
weight of this fan. Drill holes at premarked locations using appropriate sized
drill bit as recommended for the fastener.
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