Intended Use:
This product is intended for residential and office use etc. For industrial or other
commercial applications use only with electrical wiring that is in good working
order and that meets applicable codes and ordinances. If you have any questions
whether your wiring is adequate, consult a qualified electrician or contact
customer service at support@newair.com.
While using your fan, you should follow the IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS listed
below. As part of those instructions, we have used the word "WARNING" to
indicate the level of hazard: WARNING indicates a hazard which, if not avoided,
could result in injury or death.
As with all electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be
followed to reduce the risk of electric shock, fire, or injury to persons, including
the following precautions:
Read all the instructions before using this fan.
Use this fan only as described in this manual. Any other use not recommended by
the manufacturer may cause electrical shock, fire or injury to persons.
Do not operate the fan with a damaged power cord or after the fan malfunctions
or has been dropped in any manner.
Use of extreme caution is necessary when any fan is used by or near children,
disabled persons or pets and whenever the fan is left operating unattended.
Do not place the fan on a small, unlevel, uneven or any surface
which might
allow it to tip or fall.
For proper operation, the fan should be placed on a smooth, noncombustible,
level surface.
Always unplug fan when not in use, when moving from place to place, when
assembling or disassembling parts, and before cleaning.
The use of attachments is not recommended, and they are not sold by the
manufacturer, as they may cause hazards.
Do not use the fan in a window. Rain or other environmental effects could cause
an electrical hazard.
Do not operate the fan with blade guards or any safety device removed.
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