The compressor works
discontinuously at cooling and
dehumidifying mode, and the indoor
fan motor slows down.
The compressor stops internally or the fan
motor slows down to prevent the indoor heat
exchanger from being frozen.
NO. Problems Causes
The motor is heard operating but the
air-conditioner dose not work when
the indoor unit is powered on
Since the air-conditioner is powered on, it
will come to working condition as long as you
press the ON/OFF button of the remote
control and the Signal is well received.
The compressor stops running but
the indoor fan motor keeps working
when it is at cooling mode with the
indoor temperature higher than set
If you turn off the air-conditioner and restart it
immediately, it will return to normal in 3
minutes, after that, the air-conditioner will
automatically adjust the indoor fan speed to
what you set.
The compressor works
discontinuously at dehumidifying
The air-conditioner will automatically control
the working of the compressor according to
the inside temperature
4The air-conditioner does not work
while the LED display is on.
The TIMER is set with the air-conditioner; it
will be in hold on condition. If the TIMER
setting is cancelled, the air-conditioner will
return to normal working condition
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