4.1 Error Code
Troubleshooting Guide
(4-way valve swich failure)
No. Error Code Problem
1E1 Room temperature sensor fault
2E2 Outdoor coil temperature sensor fault
3E3 Indoor coil temperature sensor fault
4E4 Indoor fan motor or DC motor feedback fault
5E5 Indoor & outdoor communication fault
6F0 Outdoor DC Fan motor fault
7F1 IPM modular fault
8F2 PFC modular fault
9F3 Compressor operation fault
10 F4 Exhaust Temperature sensor fault
11 F5 Compressor top cover protection
12 F6 Outdoor ambient temp sensor fault
13 F7 Over/under voltage protection
14 F8 Outdoor modular communication fault
15 F9 Outdoor EĀ²PROM fault
16 FA Suction temperature sensor fault
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