1-20 Chapter 1: Intel®
Exiting the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Option ROM utility
To exit the utility:
1. From the utility main menu, select 6. Exit, then press <Enter>. The following warning
message appears:
2. Press <Y> to exit or press <N> to return to the utility main menu.
Are you sure you want to exit? (Y/N):
1.2 Creating a RAID driver disk
1.2.1 Creating a RAID driver disk in Windows®
To install the RAID driver for Windows® OS:
1. During the OS installation, click Load Driver to allow you to select the installation
media containing the RAID driver.
 
the optical drive, and then click Browse.
If you do not have an optical drive, you can use another computer with an optical drive to
3. Click the name of the device you’ve inserted, go to Drivers > RAID, and then select
the RAID driver for the corresponding OS version. Click OK.
4. Follow the succeeding screen instructions to complete the installation.
To set up a Windows® UEFI operating system under RAID mode, ensure to load the UEFI
driver for your optical drive.
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