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Creating a RAID set
To create a RAID set:
1. From the utility main menu, select 1. Create RAID Volume and press <Enter>. The
following screen appears:
2. Enter a name for the RAID set and press <Enter>.
3. When the RAID Level item is selected, press the up/down arrow key to select a RAID
level to create, and then press <Enter>.
4. When the Disks item is selected, press <Enter> to select the hard disk drives you
want to include in the RAID set. The SELECT DISKS screen appears:
Enter a unique volume name that has no special characters
and is 16 characters or less.
Name: Volume 0
RAID Level: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Disks: dssdsdsds
Strip Size:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Create volume
Port Device Model Serial # Size Status
0 ST3160812AS 9LS0HJA4 149.0GB Non-RAID Disk
1 ST3160812AS 9LS0F4HL 149.0GB Non-RAID Disk
2 ST3160812AS 3LS0JYL8 149.0GB Non-RAID Disk
3 ST3160812AS 9LS0BJ5H 149.0GB Non-RAID Disk
Select 2 to 6 to use in creating the volume.
[↑↓]-Prev/Next [SPACE]-SelectDisk [ENTER]-Done
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