1-16 Chapter 1: Intel®
1.1.5 Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Option ROM utility
To enter the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Option ROM utility:
1. Turn on the system.
2. During POST, press <Ctrl> + <I> to display the utility main menu.
The navigation keys at the bottom of the screen allow you to move through the menus
and select the menu options.
The RAID BIOS setup screens shown in this section are for reference only and may not
exactly match the items on your screen.
RAID Volumes:
None defined.
Physical Devices:
Port Device Model Serial # Size Type/Status(Vol ID)
0 ST3160812AS 9LS0HJA4 149.0GB Non-RAID Disk
1 ST3160812AS 9LS0F4HL 149.0GB Non-RAID Disk
2 ST3160812AS 3LS0JYL8 149.0GB Non-RAID Disk
3 ST3160812AS 9LS0BJ5H 149.0GB Non-RAID Disk
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