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WARNING: Disconnect power before attempting any main-
or damage to persons.
Filling the water tank
hear 2 audible beeps, follow these steps.
CAUTION: 
1. Turn the On/Off switch to the off position (0)
2. 
and place them carefully on the ground.
3. -
4. 
! NOTE: Normal tap water can be used in the Optimyst®
as long as the tap water is not considered to be hard water.
In the event your tap water is hard, you may use softened
the water reservoir. (The addition of additional salt should
only be when you notice that the unit is not producing mist as
5. Screw the cap back on, do not overtighten.
6. 
7. 
into position.
8. Turn the On/Off switch to the off position (I).
If you do not intend on using the unit for longer than 2 weeks,
empty and drain the unit of water, and dry all of the water con-
taining components.
Replacing the Light bulbs
may be that one or more of the light bulbs have burnt out.
CAUTION: Allow at least twenty minutes for light bulbs to
cool before touching bulbs to avoid accidental burning of skin.
Light bulb requirement: 45W, 12VAC halogen bulbs type MR
16. Contact Dimplex Technical Service at 1-888-346-7539 for
replacement bulbs.
1. -
2. 
observe which lamp needs to be changed.
3. Turn the unit off, and unplug the cassette.
4. Leave the appliance for 5 minutes to allow the lamps to
cool down before removing them.
5. 
upwards and place in a sink.
6. Remove the defective bulb, by gently lifting vertically and
disengaging the pins from the lamp holder.
7. Carefully insert the two pins of the new bulb into the two
8. 
into position.
It is recommended that all of the components that contain
water are cleaned with soap and water on a biweekly basis.
items/areas, i.e. the transducer.
CAUTION: Do not put plastic components in the dish-
Filter Cleaning
clean and dried on a towel before reinstalling.
! NOTE: 
facing the front of the cassette.
Surface Cleaning
Use a warm damp cloth only to clean surfaces of the cassette.
Do not use abrasive cleaners.
! NOTE: If you need to move the unit ensure that all of the
components that contain water have been emptied before re-
Except for installation and cleaning described in this manual,
an authorized service representative should perform any other
Figure 3
Wire Slot
Water Tank
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