Remote Control
The On/Off Switch must be in the ‘ON’ ( I ) position in order
!NOTE: To operate correctly, the remote control must be
pointed towards the remote control sensor.
Battery Replacement
To replace the battery:
1. 
2. 
3. Close the battery cover.
Battery must be recycled or disposed of properly.
Check with your Local Authority or Retailer for recy-
cling advice in your area.
Figure 1
! NOTE: Always ensure that the appliance is in an upright
position before operating the unit.
! NOTE: When the cassette is used in an environment
where background noise is very low, it may be possible to
effect. This is normal and should not be a cause for con-
! NOTE: Always ensure that the appliance is in a level
The manual controls for the cassette are located on the top
A. On/Off Switch
Supplies power to the cassette.
B. Mode Selector Switch
by an audible “beep”. Although the lights turn on immedi-
Press -
cated by one “beep”.
C. Flame Intensity Control
has been activated.
Turning the control knob clockwise to decrease the inten-
!NOTE: 
!NOTE: When the water tank is empty the unit will turn
off after 30 seconds. See instructions under Maintenance
the main lamps will illuminate but it will take 30 seconds
Figure 2
Remote Control
Battery Cover
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