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Unpleasant smell when unit is
Dirty or stale water. Clean the unit as described under maintenance.
Improper operation Refer to Operation Section
No incoming voltage from the electrical wall
Defective 3 Position Switch Replace 3 Position switch
the Remote Control
Improper operation Refer to Operation Section
The batteries in the remote control are dead. Install new battery into the remote control
Defective remote control Replace Remote Control
Defective remote control receiver Replace remote control receive
Defective IR sensor Replace IR sensor
 
Switch B has not been pressed.
Low water level. Check the water tank is full and there is water in
the sump.
Water in unit is too cold Allow water to warm to room temperature.
If using distilled or reverse osmosis water, unit
will not produce a consistent mist
Add 1/8 tsp of table salt to water reservoir to
introduce electrolytes, only repeat when mist is
not being produced correctly
Check that the fan is operating correctly Replace fan assembly
Cord is located over emitter on transducer Relocate cord so that mist is free to rise off of
Defective Transducer Replace Transducer
  
C to the left slowly.
 
right until it is at minimum and slowly turn to the
generator some time to adjust before increas-
Mist is not coming out and the red
light by the transducer is not on
The cord from the power board is not working Ensure that the cord is not pinched.
Ensure that the cord is fully inserted into the
connection on the power board.
Mist is coming out fast  
Mist does not appear to be com-
ing out evenly
Unit is not level Level unit
 Rearrange media
A light bulb is burnt out Replace light bulb
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