66 ASUS Z270-WS BIOS Manual
Displays the
available SSDs
Status definition:
• Frozen.
proceed with the Secure Erase.
• Locked. SSDs might be locked if the Secure Erase process is either incomplete
or was stopped. This may be due to a third party software that uses a different
proceeding with Secure Erase.
1.9.2 Secure Erase
SSD speeds may lower over time as with any storage medium due to data processing.
Secure Erase completely and safely cleans your SSD, restoring it to factory performance
Secure Erase is only available in AHCI mode. Ensure to set the SATA mode to AHCI. Click
Advanced > PCH Storage Configuration > SATA Mode Selection > AHCI.
To launch Secure Erase, click Tool > Secure Erase on the Advanced mode menu.
Check the ASUS support site for a full list of SSDs tested with Secure Erase. The drive may
become unstable if you run Secure Erase on an incompatible SSD.
 
Do not turn off the system during the process.
 
SATA ports, refer to section 1.1.2 Motherboard layout in your user manual.
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