ASUS Travelair N
Charging your Travelair N
Fully charge your device for at least eight (8) hours when using it for the first time.
To charge your Travelair N:
1. Connect the USB 3.0 connector into the
USB port of the power adapter.
2. Open the USB 3.0 interface port
compartment and connect the other end
of the USB 3.0 cable to your Travelair N.
3. Plug the power adapter into a wall socket.
NOTE: Use only the power adapter that came with your device. Using a different power adapter may
damage your device.
Installing / removing a memory card
Your Travelair N supports a Secure Digital™ (SD) memory card with up to 128 GB capacity.
1. Open the SD card compartment at the left side of your Travelair N.
2. To install, insert the SD card into the slot until it is securely in place. To remove, push to eject
then remove the SD card from the slot.
3. Close the SD card compartment.
Connecting your mobile device
Connect your mobile device to wirelessly view or play media files such as photos, videos, or music
from your Travelair N. You can also share your stored media files to your guest users, to Facebook, or
an email account.
• EnsurethattheWi-Fifunctioninyourmobiledeviceisturnedon.
• YoucanalsoconnectyourNFC-enableddevicetoyourTravelairN.Fordetails,refertothesection
Connecting via the NFC One Touch.
To connect your mobile device:
1. On your Travelair N, long press the power button until the blinking blue Wi-Fi icon appears.
2. On your mobile device, tap the SSID or network name Travelair-XXXX to connect to your
Travelair N.
3. When prompted, enter the default password 12345678.
NOTE: You can assign unique SSID or network name and password for your Travelair N. For details,
refer to the section Assigning unique SSID and password to your Travelair N.
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