ASUS Travelair N
Getting to know your Travelair N
SD card compartment
Open the compartment and insert a
Secure Digital™ (SD) card into the slot.
Power button
Press this button to turn your Travelair
LED indicators
Shows the status of your Travelair N.
Blinking blue: Long press the
power button for about two
(2) seconds to establish Wi-Fi
Solid blue: Wi-Fi is ready
Blinking green: Travelair N is
booting up
Solid green: Travelair N is ready
USB 3.0 interface port compartment
Open the compartment and insert the
bundled USB 3.0 cable into the port to
charge your Travelair N or connect it to
your computer.*
NOTE: *To use your Travelair N as a standard hard drive, turn it off before connecting it to your
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