ASUS Travelair N
Q16: Can I edit files on my mobile device via the ASUS AiDrive app?
No, you cannot edit files via the ASUS AiDrive app. ASUS AiDrive only provides file management
functions such as viewing, uploading, downloading, copying, and deleting files and folders. You can
use third-party apps to edit files on your mobile device.
Q17: My Travelair N is not accessible wirelessly when it is connected to my computer’s USB
• Whenconnectedtoyourcomputer’sUSBportviatheUSBcable,yourTravelairNstops
transmitting Wi-Fi signals and cannot be accessed wirelessly.
• ToaccessyourTravelairNwirelessly,disconnectitfromyourcomputerandturnthepoweron.
Ensure that the Wi-Fi LED on your Travelair N is solid blue, indicating that the Wi-Fi function is
Q18: During charging my Travelair N, can mobile devices still wirelessly connect to it?
During charging via a power outlet, ensure that your Travelair N is turned on to ensure that mobile
devices can wirelessly access it.
Q19: Can I use special characters for the wireless network name (SSID) of my Travelair N?
Use only alphanumeric characters and spaces to manually change the network name (SSID) of your
Travelair N.
Q20: Can I change the wireless network password of my Travelair N?
You can manually change the Wi-Fi password of your Travelair N. Use alphanumeric characters for
your network password.
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