ASUS Travelair N
6. Turn on your Travelair N. The system automatically detects the latest firmware file, and ASUS
AiDrive app prompts for confirmation on proceeding with the update.
7. Confirm the update, and wait until the update process is completed. Your Travelair N
automatically restarts after the update process.
NOTE: DO NOT turn off your Travelair N during the update process.
Q7: The firmware update process failed.
1. Ensure that the firmware file is placed in the root directory of your Travelair N, and your Travelair
N is plugged to a power outlet.
2. Try updating the firmware again.
Q8: Is the battery of my Travelair N replaceable?
No, the battery is not replaceable. Your Travelair N contains a non-replaceable Lithium-ion battery.
Q9: How do I reset my Travelair N?
1. Locate the reset button at the bottom of your Travelair N.
2. Using a paperclip and with your Travelair N turned on, press the reset button for about ten (10)
seconds until it automatically restarts.
Q10: Will be my files be deleted when I reset my Travelair N?
No, your files will not be deleted. Your Travelair N device only restores the system to the default
settings and does not delete any data on your Travelair N.
Q11: How long does it take to fully charge my Travelair N?
 
to fully charge your Travelair N.
 
Q12: I cannot connect my mobile device to my Travelair N after the firmware update.
 Travelair-XXXX.
 
that network name on your mobile device.
Q13: How can I get the best wireless connection between my Travelair N and mobile device?
To get the best wireless connection, ensure that you are near your Travelair N when you are wire-
lessly accessing files on it from your mobile device.
Q14: Will the bandwidth decrease when multiple users are connected to the Travelair N?
Yes, the bandwidth decreases when multiple users are accessing your Travelair N.
Q15: I cannot play music/video or view pictures/documents via the ASUS AiDrive app.
 
 
device to open the file.
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