ASUS Travelair N
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Tap to share the file
Sharing files via Facebook or email
You can share your media files from your Travelair N or mobile device to Facebook or an email
NOTE: Ensure that your device has Internet connection. For details, refer to the section Connecting to
the Internet.
Sharing files from your Travelair N to Facebook or email
To share files from your Travelair N to Facebook or email:
1. On the AiDrive home screen, tap Files.
2. To select files from your Travelair N, tap AiDrive > HDD > Share.
3. Tap any of these folders to select files for sharing: Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos.
4. From your list of files, tap to select the file.
5. Tap to share your file via Facebook, Photos, or Email.
NOTE: When you select Photos as the share option for your file, the file is saved to the Gallery on your
mobile device.
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