ASUS Travelair N
Tap to view all files and share folder
Sharing files to guest users
You can share your media files from your Travelair N or mobile device to your authorized guest
NOTE: For details on granting access to guest users, refer to the section Setting up the admin/guest
• For your guest users to access your shared media files, ensure the following:
• AiDriveappisinstalledontheguestusers'mobiledevices.
• Theguestusers'mobiledevicesareconnectedtoyourTravelairN.Fordetails,refertothesection
Connecting your mobile device.
• Syncupto(5)iOSdeviceswithanAppleIDcontainingpurchasedandcopyrightedcontents.
Copying or adding unauthorized songs to iOS mobile devices are prohibited.
To share files to guest users:
1. On the AiDrive home screen, tap Files.
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