ASUS Travelair N
3. Tap Wi-Fi Settings and in the Name field, enter a unique name with at least eight (8) characters.
4. In the Security field, enter 8-63 alphanumeric characters as the password.
5. When done, tap Save.
6. You need to restart your device for the changes to take effect.
Tap to set up the corresponding settings
Assigning unique SSID and password for your Travelair N
You can change the default SSID and password of your Travelair N.
To assign unique SSID and password for your Travelair N:
1. On the AiDrive home screen, swipe from the left to display the app menu.
2. Tap AiDrive Settings.
NOTE: With UPnP enabled, people and devices on your network can access pictures, music, or videos
on your Travelair N.
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