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Cleaning/sanitizing and preventive maintenance (all models)
Note: Do not use bleach to sanitize or clean the icemaker.
Preventive maintenance
Periodic cleaning of Follett’s icemaker system is required to ensure peak performance and delivery of clean,
sanitary ice. The recommended cleaning procedures that follow should be performed at least as frequently as
recommended, and more often if environmental conditions dictate.
Cleaning of the condenser can usually be performed by facility personnel. Cleaning of the icemaker system,
in most cases, should be performed by your facility’s maintenance staff or a Follett authorized service agent.
Regardless of who performs the cleaning, it is the operator’s responsibility to see that this cleaning is performed
according to the schedule below. Service problems resulting from lack of preventive maintenance will not be
covered under the Follett warranty.
Weekly exterior care
The exterior may be cleaned with a stainless cleaner such as 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish or equivalent.
Monthly condenser cleaning (air-cooled icemaker only)
1. Use a vacuum cleaner or stiff brush to carefully clean condenser coils of air-cooled icemakers to ensure
optimal performance.
2. When reinstalling counter panels in front of remote icemakers, be sure that ventilation louvers line up with
condenser air duct.
Semi-annual evaporator cleaning (every 6 months)
Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles (and/or face shield) when handling ice machine cleaner or sanitizer.
Use only Follett approved SafeCLEAN Plus™ cleaning solution.
It is a violation of Federal law to use these solutions in a manner inconsistent with their labeling.
Read and understand all labels printed on packaging before use.
Note: Complete procedure for cleaning an sanitizing MUST be followed. Ice must be collected for 10minutes
before putting ice machine back into service.
Fig. 1
1. Press the CLEAN button. The machine will drain. The
auger will run for a short time and then stop. Wait for
the LOW WATER light to come on. LO WATER
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