HCC1010A/W, HCD1010A/W, HCC1410A/W, HCD1410A/W 29
Ice machine disposition Possible causes Corrective action
Legend: OFFON
7. Ice machine is making ice.
Excessive water in bin or
coming into bin from transport
1. Failed water sensors. Processor
assumes there is no water when
there is water.
2. Blocked reservoir vent.
3. Defective water feed solenoid
valve. Stuck in open position.
1. Clean or replace water probe
assembly. Check wiring
2. Clean or replace vent tubes.
3. Replace water feed solenoid
8. Ice machine is not making ice.
Lo water.
1. Water supply is insufficient.
2. Low water pressure.
3. Defective water feed solenoid
valve. Stuck in closed position.
4. No water feed output from
PC board.
5. Plugged screen on inlet side of
ll solenoid.
6. Plugged check valve.
1. Restore water supply and check
water lters. If evaporator was
completely empty the reset
button may have to be pressed
to restart the ice machine.
2. Ice machine will eventually start
when water reaches normal lo
3. Replace water feed solenoid
4. Replace PC board.
5. Remove and clean screen.
6. Remove and clean.
9. Blinking Lo water, power, time
Machine did not see water
consumption while trying to make
1. Lack of refrigeration/low
refrigerant charge/leak.
2. Debris shorting reservoir probes.
1. Verify refrigerant pressures,
compressor running, sight glass
2. Clean probes and reservoir of
To prevent circuit breaker overload, wait 5 minutes before restarting
this unit. This allows the compressor to equalize and the evaporator
to thaw.
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