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Ice machine operation (all models)
Follett’s ice machine consists of ve distinct functional systems covered in detail as follows:
§Water system
§Electrical control system
§Mechanical assembly
§Refrigeration system
§Bin full
The Horizon ice machine overview
The Follett Horizon ice machine uses a horizontal, cylindrical evaporator to freeze water on its inner surface. The
refrigeration cycle is continuous; there is no batch cycle. The evaporator is ooded with water and the level is
controlled by sensors in a reservoir. A rotating auger (17 RPM) continuously scrapes ice from the inner wall of the
evaporator. The auger moves harvested ice through the evaporator into an ice extrusion canal. The ice is forced
through a restrictive nozzle that squeezes out the water and creates the Chewblet. The continuous extrusion
process pushes the Chewblets through a transport tube into a dispenser or bin.
A solid state PC board controls and monitors the functionality of the ice machine. In addition to sequencing
electrical components, the board monitors various operational parameters. A full complement of indicator lights
allows visual status of the machine's operation. Additionally, the PC board controls the self-ushing feature of the
ice machine. The evaporator water is periodically drained and replenished to remove minerals and sediment.
A unique “bin full” detection system is incorporated in the Horizon ice machine. A switch located at the ice
discharge port of the machine detects the position of the transport tube. When the bin lls up with ice, the transport
tube moves out of the normal running position, and the switch turns the ice maker off. A domed housing at the end
of the transport tube contains the ice extrusion loads during shut down.
Harvest system diagram
Ice Transport Tube
Water Inlet
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