Instruction Manual, Toftejorg SaniJet 20 Media Driven Page 5
Covering standard and hastelloy machines, machines with improved finish and
machines delivered with Q-Doc and/or ATEX certification, Dir. 94/9/EC
This manual has been prepared as a guide for installation and for the persons who will be operating and
maintaining your tank cleaning machine. The key to long life for your tank cleaning machine is a carefully
planned system for preventive maintenance; you must appreciate that a tank cleaning machine which
has a rough and dirty job to do will need more frequent attention than one working under ideal
Note: Get the best and most economical performance from your tank cleaning machine. Insufficient
preventive maintenance means poor performance, unscheduled stops, shorter lifetime and extra costs.
Good preventive maintenance on the contrary means good performance, no unscheduled stops and
superior total economy.
The information in this manual is simple to follow, but should you require further assistance, our
Customer Service Department and world-wide net of Distributors will be pleased to help you. Please
quote the type, article and serial number with all your enquiries; this will help us to help you. The type,
article and serial number are laser engraved on the Base house of the tank cleaning machine.
Warning: Before installing the machine and setting it into operation carefully read the General
Installation Instructions (page 17) and the Safety Precautions (page 23) and take all
necessary precautions according to your application and local regulations.
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