Page 44 Instruction Manual, Toftejorg SaniJet 20 Media Driven
Covering standard and hastelloy machines, machines with improved finish and
machines delivered with Q-Doc and/or ATEX certification, Dir. 94/9/EC
Trouble Shooting Guide
Symptom: Slow rotation or failure of machine to rotate
Possible Causes Fault finding
No or insufficient liquid flow a). Check if supply valve is fully open.
b). Check if inlet pressure to machine is correct
c). Check supply line/filter for restrictions/ clogging
d). Remove Inlet cap (see page 31) and check for
clogging in Impeller area.
e). Remove Gear ring and Output shaft (see page
31) and check for clogging in Base housing.
f). Remove Cleaner head (see page 41) and check
Nozzles and Cleaner head for
clogging. If
blocked, carefully clean without damaging
Nozzles vanes and Nozzle tip. Use air pistol.
g). Inspect Bevel gear, Ball ring and Bevel gear
inside Outer tube (see page 42). If necessary,
remove parts and clean.
If large particles repeatedly get jammed in the
machine, install filter or reduce mesh size of installed
filter in supply line.
Foreign material or material build-up With air pistol blow air through inlet and check that
machine rotates evenly. If any resistance is
recognised, disassemble machine in order to
localise the cause.
a). Impeller jammed
Remove Turbine shaft with Impeller and Planet gear
assembly (see page 31
) and remove foreign
b). Turbine shaft sluggish in Bearings Remove Turbine shaft with Impeller (see page 31)
and clean Bearings.
c). Planet gear jammed/sluggish
Remove foreign material from Planet wheel and
Internal gears. Check rotation of Planet wheel. If
restriction is recognised, disassemble Planet gear
assembly (see page 31) and remove material build
up, especially on Shaft and hole in Planet wheel.
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