Instruction Manual, Toftejorg SaniJet 20 Media Driven Page 41
Covering standard and hastelloy machines, machines with improved finish and
machines delivered with Q-Doc and/or ATEX certification, Dir. 94/9/EC
Maintenance (continued)
Dismantling and reassembling, Cleaner Unit
1. Loosen Cleaner unit (Pos. 14) with Hook spanner (tool no. TE20B701). Insert carefully into holes
in Retaining ring (Pos. 3). Turn counter-clockwise and draw out Cleaner unit. Never use Pipe
wrench or any other tool than the Toftejorg SaniJet 20 special Hook spanner, which is developed
especially to protect the surface from being damaged.
2. Remove Seal ring (Pos. 8).
3. Pull off Clip ring (Pos. 6). Push out Pin (Pos. 7).
4. Draw off Bevel gear (Pos. 5) together with Ball ring (Pos. 4) and Retaining ring (Pos. 3).
5. If replacement is necessary, pull off Bearing bush (Pos. 2) from Cleaner head (Pos. 1). The
Bearing bush should not be removed unless worn or damaged. Wear on this part will increase
leakage flow around the front of the Cleaner head, and accordingly increase the total flow rate.
1. If necessary press new Bearing bush (Pos. 2) fully home onto Cleaner head (Pos. 1).
2. Mount Retaining ring (Pos. 3), Ball ring (Pos. 4) and Bevel gear (Pos. 5) on Cleaner head (Pos. 1).
3. Hold Cleaner head and turn Bevel gear to align the groove over the holes in the Cleaner head.
Mount Pin (Pos. 7).
4. Secure with Clip ring (Pos. 6) over Pin (Pos. 7). Check that Pin with Clip ring can move axially.
5. Hold Retaining ring (Pos. 3) and check free rotation of Cleaner unit.
6. Insert Seal ring (Pos. 8) into Cleaner house on Outer tube. Make sure that it is fitted correctly into
7. Insert Cleaner unit (Pos. 14) in Outer tube. Correct mounting is made foolproof: Drain hole in
Retaining ring must be at the lowest point. Tighten with Hook spanner (tool no. TE20B701).
Caution: It is important that Seal ring is fitted correctly and that Retaining ring is tightened fully
home against “stop”. Check that assembly is firmly held in position. If assembly feels
loose, replace Seal ring.
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