Page 10 Instruction Manual, Toftejorg SaniJet 20 Media Driven
Covering standard and hastelloy machines, machines with improved finish and
machines delivered with Q-Doc and/or ATEX certification, Dir. 94/9/EC
General Description (continued)
Apart from the main flow flushing the inside of the Base housing and the Down pipe, and thereafter
forming the jets through the Nozzles, fluid is flushed through all internal cavities, through Bevel gear, Ball
bearings and gabs between moving parts and is finally also used for cleaning of the outside surfaces of
the machine. From the gab between the Base housing and the rotating Down pipe, a cleaning jet is
directed against the Down pipe, thus loosening and removing product remains on the outside. A liquid
film flushing all around the tube further assists by continuously transporting away loosened product
remains. The front of the Cleaner head is flushed by a liquid flow from the gab between the Cleaner
head and the Retaining ring.
In order to ensure a proper self-cleaning, the machine must be installed in an approx. upright position
and the inlet pressure must be min. 3 bar. In the bottom of the Cleaner head, in the Retaining ring, the
machine is equipped with a hole to ensure self-draining. This self-draining is only ensured, if the machine
is installed in an upright position.
Cleaning Pattern, The Golden Section
The patented Golden Section cleaning pattern (EP-Patent No.: 0495883. US-Patent No.: 5,279.675) is
unique in building up the pattern in an ultimate uniform way. The pattern starts very coarse and refines
itself in a step-less way by laying out the tracks approximately in the middle between the two most
distant tracks already made. This means that the jets always clean the areas containing most remaining
product, and thereby remove as much deposit as possible in the shortest possible way.
In case a complete cleaning pattern is not required, it will be possible to reach the same cleaning level
within half the time and by using half the amount of cleaning fluid compared to a traditional step-wise
cleaning pattern. Furthermore, due to the uniform cleaning pattern, the cleaning can be stopped at any
time, whereas with traditional non-uniform cleaning pattern this would not be advantageous. However,
after the complete cleaning pattern has been established, the difference between the Golden Section
and the traditional stepwise cleaning pattern is negligible.
Golden Section
Cleaning pattern
Cleaning pattern
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