Instruction Manual, Toftejorg SaniJet 20 Media Driven Page 9
Covering standard and hastelloy machines, machines with improved finish and
machines delivered with Q-Doc and/or ATEX certification, Dir. 94/9/EC
General Description (continued)
Media driven Drive unit
The machine is driven by the cleaning media, which is supplied under pressure via the inlet connection.
The flow enters the Inlet cap tangentially and rotates the Impeller. The velocity of the liquid determines
the rotation speed of the Impeller. This depends on the actual flow rate and the size of the inlet opening.
The Inlet cap is made with two different size openings.
The Impeller shaft is in mesh with a Planet gear,
of which the Output shaft rotates the Down pipe
with the Cleaner unit.
The Planet gear is placed in the middle of the flow
and thus flushed through axially while in
operation, securing that all the Gear parts are
thoroughly lubricated and cleaned. Bearings are
designed to allow flow through the bearings for
lubrication and cleaning.
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