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INDOOR UNIT (Setting by remote controller)11-1.
The function settings of the control of the indoor unit can be changed by this procedure according
to the installation conditions. Incorrect settings can cause the indoor unit to malfunction.
After the power is turned on, perform the “FUNCTION SETTING” according to the installation
conditions using the remote controller.
The settings may be selected between the following two: Function Number or Setting Value.
Settings will not be changed if invalid numbers or setting values are selected.
Turn on the power
* Before turning on the power of the indoor units, make sure the piping air-tight test and vacuuming have been
* Also check again to make sure no wiring mistakes were made before turning on the power.
FUNCTION SETTING METHOD (for Wireless remote controller)
Entering the Function Setting Mode
While pressing the FAN button and SET TEMP. (
) button simultaneously, press the RESET button to enter the
function setting mode.
Setting the Remote controller Signal Code
Use the following steps to select the signal code of the remote controller. (Note
that the air conditioner cannot receive a signal code if the air conditioner has not
been set for the signal code.) The signal code that is set through this process are
applicable only to the signal in the FUNCTION SETTING. For details on how to set
the signal code through the normal process, refer to SELECTING THE REMOTE
Press the SET TEMP. (1. ) ( ) button to change the signal code between
Match the code on the display to the air conditioner signal code. (initially
set to )
(If the signal code does not need to be selected, press the MODE button and
proceed to STEP 2.)
Press the MODE button to accept the signal code, and proceed to STEP 2.2.
The air conditioner signal code is set to prior to shipment.
Contact your retailer to change the signal code.
The remote controller resets to signal code when the batteries in the remote controller are replaced. If you use a
signal code other than signal code , reset the signal code after replacing the batteries.
If you do not know the air conditioner signal code setting, try each of the signal codes ( ) until you
find the code which operates the air conditioner.
Selecting the Function Number and Setting Value
Press the SET TEMP. (1. ) ( ) buttons to select the function number.
(Press the MODE button to switch between the left and right digits.)
Press the FAN button to proceed to setting the value. 2.
(Press the FAN button again to return to the function number
Press the SET TEMP. (3. ) ( ) buttons to select the setting value.
(Press the MODE button to switch between the left and right digits.)
Press the SLEEP button, then after you hear the beep emitted from 4.
the indoor unit, press the START/STOP button to confirm the settings.
Press the RESET button to cancel the function setting mode.5.
After completing the FUNCTION SETTING, be sure to turn off the 6.
power and turn it on again.
Function number
Setting value
After turning off the power, wait 10 seconds or more before turning on it again.
The FUNCTION SETTING doesn’t become effective if it doesn’t do so.
Note :
*1) Small "A" is displayed on the right of the signal code during the FUNCTION SETTING.
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