Power and speed combined with agility and stability. That’s the Sidekick
driving experience.
Designed for easy handling at any speed, it’s always a comfortable drive
thanks to the enhanced speed-sensitive EPS (Electronic Power Steering).
Tuned front and rear independent suspension offers a consistently
smooth ride with rugged loading performance, while the engine assists
braking for greater control and safety during descents. Plus, a selectable
full-time 4WD gives you the perfect traction and control on any terrain.
Speed-sensitive EPS
Light at low-speed and firm at high-speed,
the Sidekick’s speed-sensitive 45A EPS
(Electronic Power Steering) offers exceptional
steering control, improving not only handling,
but also stability. Standard on all models, the
EPS ensures outstanding performance even
when the cabin/cargo box is heavily loaded
or the snowblade is attached. Operating
at higher speeds, EPS safeguards against
oversteering, increasing stability and control.
Front and rear independent
Even when fully loaded, the Sidekick
won’t bottom out. Front and rear
independent suspension delivers a
smooth ride with plenty of clearance.
It’s designed for the perfect balance
of comfort and capable loading
Engine braking
Engine braking—engine-assisted
deceleration—gives you dependable
control down steep slopes. The Sidekick’s
one-way sprag and centrifugal clutch
provides engine-assisted deceleration,
letting you concentrate on steering rather
than braking. You’ll feel an enhanced
sense of control and safety, particularly
when traveling downward.
Selectable full-time 4WD
The selectable full-time 4WD system
ensures outstanding traveling performance
even under heavy loads, providing superior
traction—a class-leading 2,000 lbs. of
traction*—and excellent control under a
wide range of terrain conditions. The 4WD
system can easily be turned off when 2WD
is sufficient for current driving conditions.
(*2,000 lbs. of traction is flat road only. 1,550 lbs.
of traction is available on slope.)
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