5) Disconnect the gauge manifold hose from the vacuum pump and attach it to a
refrigerant service cylinder. Remember to loosen the connection and purge the air from
the hose. See the nameplate for the required refrigerant charge. Hoshizaki recommends
only virgin refrigerant or reclaimed refrigerant which meets the requirements of ARI
Standard 700 (latest edition) be used.
6) A liquid charge is recommended when charging an R-134a system. Place the service
cylinder on the scales; if the service cylinder is not equipped with a dip tube, invert the
service cylinder, then place it on the scales. Open the high-side valve on the gauge
7) Allow the system to charge with liquid until the proper charge weight is met.
8) Close the high-side valve on the gauge manifold, then close the refrigerant access valve
(if applicable). Disconnect the gauge manifold hose.
9) Cap the access valve to prevent a possible leak.
B. Component Service Information
When replacing a component listed below, see the notes to help ensure proper
Component Notes
Compressor Install a new start relay and compressor external protector. WARNING! To reduce the
risk of electric shock, be sure to reconnect the compressor's ground wire.
Expansion Valve
(auxiliary codes
A-5 and B-5)
• Attach the thermostatic expansion valve bulb to the suction line in the same location as
the previous bulb.
• The bulb should be between the 10 and 2 o'clock positions on the tube.
• Secure the bulb with the clamp and holder.
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