Clean, dependable, fuel-efficient power—and plenty of it
Kubota V6108 Engine
The V6108 engine boasts the latest in clean-
engine technology. The CRS (Common Rail
System) electronically controls the timing and
amount of high- pressure injected fuel in stages
for optimal combustion, which results in greater
efficiency, better fuel economy, and less engine
noise. The SCR (selective catalyst reduction)
precisely injects DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
into the engine’s exhaust system, which
transforms the exhaust gases into harmless
water vapor and nitrogen. The combination
of these two systems with a DPF muffler and
an EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system
ensures that the M7 not only meets the Tier4
Final emissions regulations, but dramatically
exceeds them.
Power Boost
Power is the key to superior tractor performance,
and the M7 has plenty of power to quickly and
efficiently handle just about any task. But when
PTO jobs, or transport, calls for more power, the
M7’s power boost is activated, delivering more
power to get you through the tough jobs and
complete your task.
Large tanks for fuel/DEF
Time spent at the fuel pump is time you’re not
working on the job. To let you work longer between
refueling stops, the all M7 models are equipped
with large tanks for fuel (87 gal.) and DEF (10 gal.).
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