Standard Premium Premium KVT
M7-151 M7-171 M7-131 M7-151 M7-171 M7-131 M7-151 M7-171
Transmission Powershift CVT
Mechanical Electronic
Closed Center, Load Sensing
Pressure Compensated,
Fixed Displacament
Aux. valves
Engine rated
horsepower (HP)
Rated PTO
horsepower (HP)
*OECD Code2
148 168 128 148 168 128 148 168
120 140 100 120 140 100 120 140
When we set out to make farming easier and more efficient, we focused on the
relationships between farming operations and workers, as well as between
farming and the environment. We went back to the basics to address the
issues that farmers around the world face. We explored the past and future of
farming. And we imagined how the ideal tractor could make everyday farming
tasks in the future easier and more efficient and environmentally friendly, with
lower emissions.
And then we went ahead and built it. Introducing the Kubota M7, clean, most
capable, most powerful tractor we have ever built. It deserves to be called the
flagship of the farming fleet.
f farming, people, and the environment
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