Fully configured to handle a variety of implements and jobs
Kubota Z-Bar linkage mechanical
With no upper loader link to get in the way,
Kubota’s mechanical self-leveling system
ensures an unobstructed view ahead.
Front loader joystick
Kubota’s Front Loader Joystick greatly
simplifies front loader operations so you can
concentrate on the work ahead. The joystick is
located on the control console for smooth and
effortless shifting and better forward visibility.
Electrical control
(Premium and Premium KVT models)
Mechanical control
(Standard model)
Single-lever hydraulic valve quick
With the pull of a single lever, an operator can
quickly and simultaneously attach or detach
all four hoses using a single lever, simplifying
tasks that require hydraulic equipment.
Quick attachment and detachment
Attaching and detaching the front loader
doesn’t get any easier, thanks to boom
stands and two mounting pins. No tools are
necessary! With simple and quick attachment
and detachment, you’ll be back to work in
Euro Quick coupler
With the Euro Quick Coupler you can attach
and detach a wide variety of attachments with
a quick and simple operation.
Kubota shockless ride (KSR)
The Standard KSR helps to minimize fatigue
by “smoothing out” the ride of the tractor.
This feature is particularly useful when your
tasks include a lot of tight turns or lifting and
dumping of heavy loads. It makes handling
round bales far less jarring.
Third function valve
A standard third function valve lets you work
with a grapple bucket and other hydraulically
controlled attachments. The valve is controlled
by a single button conveniently located on the
joystick grip.
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