Sophisticated control with a simple purpose:
To get the job done quickly and efficiently
K-monitor Pro
(Premium and Premium KVT
models only)
Most of the M7's functions are conveniently
displayed on a single large LCD touch screen
and can be adjusted and set with simple
touches of a finger. The four main functions—
Tractor Control, ISO-BUS connector-
compatible implement control, GPS-compatible
auto-guidance, and Camera Monitor—are
always displayed on the user-friendly panel,
simplifying their adjustment and monitoring.
You can even edit the displayed information to
show only what you want to see.
ISO-BUS connector-compatible
Out of the box, the M7 Premium models can
handle any ISO-BUS connector-compatible
implements. Simply attach the implement to
the universal plug, and information about the
implement is instantly displayed on the LCD
monitor for adjustment and control. For ISO-
BUS compatible implements, you won't need to
install a control box, special monitor, extension,
power source, or wiring.
Kubota Headland Control
The M7 Headland Management System,
Kubota Headland Contol, works with ISO-
BUS compatible implements to provide
customizable programs of fully automated
operations. For example, when the end of a
row is reached, the operator can simply press
a button to start a sequence of operations
to automatically stop the implement, lift it,
and lower it at the completion of the turn.
The Headland Management System frees
the operator to concentrate on maneuvering
and helps ensure more precise turns and
greater work efficiency. Different programs are
available for different tasks, and each can be
customized and retained in memory to suit
special needs.
Large touch screen 12” LCD monitor
(Premium and Premium KVT models only)
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