Purposeful Superior hydraulics give you the versatility and
power to get the job done
• Premium and Premium KVT
The M7 premium model offers premium
hydraulics, such as a CCLS and a variable
flow rate that can handle a variety of functions
at the same time, a 29GPM independent PFC
pump, and electronic auxiliary control with four
standard auxiliary control valves and the option
of five valves.
• Standard model
The M7 standard model is ready to go to
work with Pressure Compensated, Fixed
Displacement hydraulics, a 21GPM gear type
pump and mechanical auxiliary control with
three auxiliary control valves as standard
equipment and the option of adding a fourth
auxiliary control valve.
110 inch long Bar Axle
(Premium and Premium KVT
models only)
Bar axle provides the ability to achieve proper
row spacing and installing dual rear wheels.
PTO (540/540E/1000/1000E)
Kubota’s 4-speed live-independent PTO gives
you the ability to operate a variety of rear-
mounted implements at the optimum speed for
each. The independent PTO can be engaged
and disengaged without stopping the tractor
using a single control knob with automatic
modulation for smooth engagement.
Auto PTO on/off with 3-Point hitch
You will appreciate the convenience and
precision Auto PTO provides when turning
at the end of a row. Auto PTO automatically
disengages the PTO when the linkage is
raised, and then re-engages when the linkage
is lowered.
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