Return Air Access Door Wall Cut-Out
Dimensions (W x H): 27” x 55 3/4”
Wall Adapter Installation
Parts included in Wall Adapter Kit:
Outside Adapter Half (Part A)
Inside Adapter Half (Part B)
Field Supplied Parts:
AVEWA05-08A adjust for walls up to 4”- 8” thick.
AVEWA08-14A adjust for walls up to 8” - 14” thick
All installations are similar.
Step 1 - Outside Wall Adapter Half
NOTE: The Wall Adapter is not designed to carry any
structural load. A load bearing header must be built
above the rough opening.
1. Prepare the rough opening. The rough opening
should be lined with metal or wood. The Wall
Adapter will warp if sealed against concrete or
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 
4. Pre-installing the exterior louver (AVAGK01CB) as
shown above is optional (See Page 6).
5. Apply sealant to the outside Wall Adapter half and
insert into the rough opening to ensure a water-tight
seal. Ensure that the outside Wall Adapter half is
securely attached to the framed opening.
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