Installation of the louver AFTER the installation of
From the interior of the utility closet:
1. Tie a rope or tether to the architectural louver and the
divider in the Wall Adapter to prevent it from falling if
2. Turn the louver sideways and push the louver out
below the divider in the Wall Adapter.
3. Pull the louver back against the Wall Adapter and
align the holes.
4. Insert and tighten all eight provided fasteners. When
the louver is secured, remove the safety tether.
Final Wall Adapter and Architectural Louver
NOTE: Ensure that the weather strip is undamaged and
provides a continuous seal around the inner perimeter
of the Wall Adapter.
Apply silicone grease or other non-petroleum-based
lubricants to the weather strip to enhance the sealing
capability of the weather strip and ease installation of the
air conditioner chassis.
1. Loosen the two set screws located on the top side of
the divider.
2. Slide the top part of the divider toward the outside
until the sealing strip makes contact with the exterior
3. Tighten the set screws to complete the
the chassis.
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