Door Adjustments
4. 
bottom hinge. Retain shoulder washers; they will be
5. Remove three screws from hinge holes on the
opposite side. Reinstall into holes where the hinge was
removed. Take care not to scratch cabinet.
Remove bottom hinge:
1. Remove bottom hinge from cabinet using a 1/4”
2. Remove corresponding screws on opposite side of
cabinet. On some models there may be a nut behind
one or both screws on either side.
Install bottom hinge:
Install two or three screws, depending on model. Replace
nuts if used.
Prepare door for reinstallation:
1. Remove outside gasket.
2. Rotate gasket 180º and press firmly into the gasket
channel starting at the corners.
3. Reposition inside gasket.
c. Using a flat tool, such as a putty knife, gently pry
off inside gasket.
d. Rotate door 180º and line up top edge of gasket to
(If the original adhesive no longer holds the gasket
in place, it may be necessary to apply a strip of
two-sided tape.)
Install top hinge and door:
1. 
install the pivot screw in the same hole from the
opposite surface.
2. Lift the door onto the bottom hinge.
3. Align edge of the hinge with the outer edge of the unit.
4. Tighten three screws and replace hinge cover.
Align and adjust the door:
Align and adjust the door (see DOOR ALIGNMENT AND
Install grille
Before rotating door,
measure distance from
top of outside gasket to
top of inside gasket.
Measure the same
distance up from the
outside edge of the
gasket and place a light
mark on each side of
Place a mark
on each side
Top of Door
Top Hinge
Right Side
Top Hinge
Left Side
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