Before you call for service, review this list. It may save you time and expense. This list includes common
occurrences that are not the result of a defect in workmanship or materials.
Problem Possible Causes Solutions
Cooktop does not work
Cooktop does not heat
Elements turns off
while cooking.
Elements do not get
hot enough.
A fan sound can be
• Cooktop controls are locked.
• Circuit breaker has tripped or
fuse is blown.
• Power outage.
• Installation wiring not complete.
• Incorrect Cooking Zone selected.
• No power to cooktop.
• Cooktop inner temperature too
• Touch controls may not be set
• Cookware may not be shape or
flat or the correct size.
• Cooktop inner temperature is
• See USING CHILD LOCK to turn off the
CHILD LOCK feature.
• Reset the circuit breaker.
• Check house lights to confirm power
• Contact the installer or dealer.
• Make sure the correct control is ON for
the Cooking Zone being used.
• See “Cooktop does not work” above.
• Check that cooktop has been installed
According to the installation instructions.
• Check the power level.
• Use the recommended cookware.
See the page 8-9.
• This is normal.
The cooling fan will run when any element
is turned on. With the heavy use the fan
may continue to run after the controls are
turned off until the cooktop has cooled.
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