ONLY use Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner on the glass
cooktop. Other creams may not be as effective or they
might damage the surface with scratches or
permanent staining.
To maintain and protect the surface of your glass
cooktop, follow these steps:
1 Before using the cooktop for the first time, clean it
with Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner. This helps protect
the top and makes cleanup easier.
2 Daily use of Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner will help
keep the cooktop looking new.
3 Shake the cleaning cream well. Apply a few drops
of Cleaner directly to the cooktop.
4 Use a paper towel clean the entire cooktop
5 Rinse with clear water and use a dry cloth or paper
towel to remove all cleaning residue.
It is very important that you DO NOT heat the cooktop
until it has been cleaned thoroughly.
To clean the glass-ceramic
Step. 1
First remove any burnt-on
deposits or spilled food from
your glass-ceramic cooking
surface with a suitable metal
razor scraper (similar to
scraping paint off of your
windowpanes in your home - it will not damage the
decorated cooking surface). Hold the scraper at
approximately a 30° angle to the cooktop.
NOTE: Do not use a dull or nicked blade. For your
safety, please wear an oven mitt potholder while
using the metal scraper.
Step. 2
When the cooking surface has
cooled down apply a few dabs
(about the size of a dime) of
an approved cleaner in each
burner area and work the
cleaning cream over the
cooktop surface with a damp paper towel as if you
were cleaning a window.
NOTE: Approved cleaner
Weiman CookTop Cleaning Cream
Cerama Bryte
Hope’s Cooktop Cleaning Cream
Easy-Off 3 in 1 Glass Top Cleaner Spray
Step. 3
As a final step, clean with
clear water and wipe the
cooktop surface with a clean,
dry paper towel.
Important: If any sugar or food containing sugar
(preserves, ketchup, tomato sauce, jellies, fudge,
candy, syrups, chocolate, etc.), a plastic item or
kitchen foil accidentally melts on the hot surface of
your cooktop, remove the molten material
IMMEDIATELY with a metal razor scraper (it will not
damage the decorated cooking surface) while the
cooking surface is still hot to avoid the risk of
damage to the glass-ceramic surface. For your
safety please wear an oven mitt potholder while
cleaning the hot cooking surface.
1 Be careful not to slide pots and pans across your
cooktop. It will leave metal markings on the
cooktop surface. These marks are removable
using the Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner with the
Cleaning Pad for Ceramic Cooktops.
2 If pots with a thin overlay of aluminum or copper
are allowed to boil dry, the overlay may leave black
discoloration on the cooktop. This should be
removed immediately before heating again or the
discoloration may be permanent.
• DO NOT use scrub pads or abrasive cleaning
- They may damage your glass cooktop surface.
• For your safety please wear an oven mitt
potholder while cleaning the hot cooking
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