3. If Purchaser tenders payment with a check that has insufficient funds (NSF), or stops payment on
a check or credit card for any reason, Purchaser agrees to pay for all costs associated with the
Seller’s connection or litigation of such a claim, including without limitation extra damages, court
costs, collection fees and attorney’s fees. Finance charges begin the date of invoice. Collection fees
plus NSF fee of $50 will be added to your invoice, which you agree to promptly pay. Title to the
goods does not pass until payment is received in full by Seller and Seller retains a security interest
in the goods until they are paid for in full. If the credit card dispute goes to arbitration, Buyer agrees
to pay for credit card arbitration fees.
4. LIMITED WARRANTY on Non-New Units (Scratch & Dent/Refurbished and Floor Models):
warranty for compressor units is 90 days from your dated invoice and 30 days for thermoelectric
units (parts for function only, not cosmetic defects). These units are refurbished and sold as is;
Purchaser assumes risks to the quality and performance of goods and assumes the costs of all
necessary service or repair not covered herein. Wine Accessories, Racking Systems and other
items not mentioned are not warranted. There is no warranty on parts purchased separately.
Removal and re-installation of unit is not included in warranted labor. Purchaser’s exclusive remedy
is limited, at Seller’s option; to repair or replace defective part[s] with either new or factory
reconditioned part[s]. Purchaser is responsible for shipping the unit pre-paid to designated facility
and Seller will pay return shipping charges in the continental United States for items repaired under
warranty. Since the natural variation in texture, density, grain, color, tone and shade of wood is
unavoidable; Seller does not guarantee the texture, color, tone or shade of the wood: nor does seller
guarantee the colorfastness of wood or against peeling, chipping, cracking or scratching. Note:
Unfinished wood is subject to warping; all wood surfaces must be sealed before placing cellar into
service. Improper placement of the unit will void the warranty. By Vinotemp in writing, any 3rd party
repair facility must be pre-approved before providing parts free of charge.
5. Freight: If As-Is unit is shipped including freight and delivery is denied, customer is responsible
for freight to and from buyer. Other costs Buyer is responsible for is storage, repackaging, and
attempted delivery fees.
6. Vinotemp does not cover damage due to such things as accident, misuse, abuse, mishandling,
neglect, acts of God, fires, earthquakes, floods, high winds, government, war, riot or labor trouble,
strikes, lockouts, delay of carrier, unauthorized repair, or any other cause beyond the control of the
Seller, whether similar or dissimilar to the foregoing. Seller is not responsible for any damages
caused to Purchaser's property resulting from the good. This limited warranty applies only inside the
Continental US. (Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii are not warranted.)
7. Purchaser understands and acknowledges that the goods sold here are wine coolers, appliances,
cigar humidors, and/or other similar units which may house wine or cigars or other consumables.
Purchaser assumes all risk of using these units, including risk of spoilage, humidity variations,
temperature variations, leaks, fire, water damage, mold, mildew, dryness and similar perils that
might occur.
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