This unit can be used for storage and/or service. The unit has a glass door and soft interior
light that you can use to display your wine.
Storing wines at the proper temperature is important. To preserve them as long as possible
wine should be stored at approximately 55° Fahrenheit. However, the chart below suggests
the optimal drinking temperature for the different styles of wine.
°C °F Wine Style
18 64 Full Bodied Red Wines, Shiraz
17 62 Tawny Port
15 59 Medium Bodied Red Wines
14 57 Amontillado Sherry
13 55 Light Bodied Red Wines
12 54 Full Bodied White Wines
11 52 Medium Bodied White Wines
10 50 Rosé, Light Bodied White Wines
9 48 Vintage Sparkling
8 46 Fino Sherry
7 45 Non Vintage Sparkling
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