Machine Will Not Fill With Water – Machine Runs
Machine Will Not Fill with Water
Machine Runs
Check Water Supply at Wall
Check Line Strainer in Ball Valve
Check Voltage at Water Valve Coil Replace Coil If Needed
Repair Wire
Connection as needed
To check Coil Without Meter: Remove coil From
Valve, Insert Screwdriver into Armature Hole of Coil.
Depress the Start-Fill Switch, a Magnetic Field Will
Pull Screwdriver in.
If Screwdriver The Doesn’t Move Check for poor Wire
Connection at
If Screwdriver Move’s
Check Diaphragm
Clean/ Debris
Diaphragm Kit
Plunger / Spring Kit
As Needed
Spade Connector
As Needed
Spade Connector
Clean/Remove Debris
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