Remote Control Operation
The remote control may be operated once the appliance is
switched to the ON “I”
Aim the remote control at the IR remote sensor located on
adjusted up or down by pressing the volume control but-
Battery Replacement
! NOTE: The remote control is packed separately in the
1. 
2. 
3. Close the battery cover.
Battery must be recycled or disposed of properly.
Check with your Local Authority or Retailer for recy-
cling advice in your area.
Figure 1
WARNING: -
stalled before it is used.
“I” to
operate the appliance.
An ‘Opti-V’ logo will appear on the screen for about 3 sec-
! NOTE: The user may notice a blank screen for ap-
proximately 5 seconds, every 30 minutes. This is normal
and should not be a cause for concern.
Manual Operation
The manual controls for the screen are located at the inner
switch the appliance Off (“O”
example, overnight or for long periods, to avoid unneces-
sary energy use.
! NOTE: 
remain readily operable.
The standby button “ 
the power switch. A red light will indicate when the unit is in
standby mode. 
The screen brightness can be adjusted using the 
  button darkens the
screen and the button brightens the screen.
! NOTE:
for each LED screen. The brightness controls for the right
screen are located in the center of the unit.
Figure 2
IR Remote Sensor
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