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Figure 7
Securing Screws
Securing Screws
of the left and right.
! NOTE: The screws are recessed slightly into the em-
ber bed of the logset.
7. Disconnect the logset LED’s from the LED controller
board and set in a safe place.
8. Remove the power supply wireharness that runs from
one LED controller board to the other.
9. -
Figure 6
there is one on either end, double units there are three,
two on each end and one in the middle.
! NOTE: The nuts are recessed slightly into the ember
bed of the logset.
10. 
remove the logset. There is a slight ledge at the top of
the front opening that will help hold the logset from fall-
ing while the screws are being removed.
11. Remove the two screws securing the center bracket to
12. Remove the top panel of the unit by removing the 3
screws along the top back portion of the unit, start with
the outter two then remove the center one last.
13. Slide the top panel towards the back the let the front
drop down and pull out the front opening.
14. 
15. Reassemble in the reverse order.
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