Legacy Comfort 92
Single--Stage / Deluxe Gas Furnace
System Description
Furnish a _________________ (4--way multipoise) fixed capacity
gas--fired condensing furnace for use with natural gas or propane
(factory authorized conversion kit required for propane); furnish
cold air return plenum; furnish side (external) filter rack.
Quality Assurance
Unit will be designed, tested and constructed to the current ANSI
Z21.47/CSA 2.3 design standard for gas--fired central furnaces.
Unit will be 3rd party certified by CSA to the current ANSI
Z21.47/CSA 2.3 design standard for gas--fired central furnaces.
Unit will carry the CSA Blue StarRand Blue FlameRlabels.
Unit efficiency testing will be performed per the current DOE test
procedure as listed in the Federal Register.
Unit will be certified for capacity and efficiency and listed in the
latest GAMA Consumer’s Directory of Certified Efficiency
Unit will carry the current Federal Trade Commission Energy
Guide efficiency label.
Delivery, Storage, and Handling
Unit will be shipped as single package only and is stored and
handled per unit manufacturer’s recommendations.
Warranty (for inclusion by specifying engineer) U.S. and Canada
only. Warranty certificate available upon request.
Components shall include: slow--opening gas valve to reduce
ignition noise, regulate gas flow, with electric switch gas shut--off;
flame proving sensor, hot surface igniter, pressure switch assembly
verifies inducer operation; flame rollout switch, drain tubing and
installed condensate drain trap, blower and inducer assembly, 40va
transformer; low--voltage (heating) (heating/ cooling) thermostat.
Blower Wheel and Blower Motor
Galvanized blower wheel shall be centrifugal type, statically and
dynamically balanced. Blower motor of PSC type shall be
permanently lubricated with sealed bearings, of _____ hp, and
shall be multiple--speed direct drive. Blower motor shall be soft
mounted to the blower scroll to reduce vibration transmission.
Furnace shall have reusable--type filters. Filter shall be ______ in.
(mm) x ______in. (mm). A high efficiency media filter is
available as an option. ________________ Media Filter.
Casing shall be of .030 in. (.7 mm) thickness minimum,
pre--painted galvanized steel.
Inducer Motor
Inducer motor shall be soft mounted to reduce vibration
Primary Heat Exchangers
Primary Heat exchangers shall be 3--Pass 20 gauge corrosion
resistant aluminized steel of fold--and--crimp sectional design,
which operates under negative pressure.
Secondary Heat Exchangers
Secondary Heat exchangers shall be of a flow--through design
having a patented interior laminate coating of polypropylene for
greater corrosion resistance with fold--and--crimp design, which
operates under negative pressure.
Controls shall include a microprocessor based integrated electronic
control board with at least 11 service troubleshooting codes
displayed via diagnostic flashing LED light on the control, has
ability to store fault codes, when activated a self--test feature checks
all major functions of the furnace within one minute, and a
replaceable automotive--type circuit protection fuse. Multiple
operational settings available including separate blower speeds.
Cooling airflow will be selectable between 350 or 400 CFM per
ton of air conditioning. Features will also include temporary
reduced airflow in the cooling mode for improved
dehumidification when a Thermidistattis selected as the
Operating Characteristics
Heating Capacity shall be _________ Btuh input; ____________
Btuh output capacity.
Fuel Gas Efficiency shall be 93% AFUE. Air delivery shall be
__________ cfm minimum at 0.50 in. wg. external static pressure.
Dimensions shall be: depth __________ in. (mm); width
__________ in. (mm); height _________ in. (mm)(casing only).
Height shall be __________ in.(mm) with A/C coil and
____________ in. (mm) overall with plenum.
Electrical Requirements
Electrical supply shall be 115 volts, 60 Hz, single--phase (nominal).
Minimum wire size shall be _________ AWG; maximum fuse size
or HACR--type, designated circuit breaker shall be _______ Amps.
Special Features
Refer to section of the product data sheet identifying accessories
and descriptions for specific features and available enhancements.
Copyright 2009 Carrier Corp. S7310 W. Morris St. SIndianapolis, IN 46231 Printed in U.S.A. Edition Date: 09/09
Manufacturer reserves the right to change, at any time, specifications and designs without notice and without obligations.
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Replaces: 58MXB---2PD
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